My word for 2023 is presence– I have been working on being in the moment more than thinking about the future and what is coming next. Always the planner, I found myself missing what was happening “now.”

I noticed the book Lighter by yung pueblo– who I have been following for some time- the subtitle- “let go of the past, connect with the present expand the future.”

A few questions to answer now: What makes you feel lighter? What lifts you up? What makes you feel heavy? What is weighing on you or weighing you down? Answering these questions is a good exploration in moving toward lighter.

When something is light it sparkles, moves quickly, is more vibrant, energized and captivating.

I notice that when I am present I am not weighed down by past or future. Becoming lighter might mean saying no to loading up your plate with commitments. It might be actually losing physical weight or mental weight like being extra hard on yourself. Letting some things go.

It might mean cleaning out your closets, uplifting your spirits, confessing something to a trusted person to get it out in the open.

This week just notice what makes your feel lighter and heavier. Think about what you can do to make the lighter even better, and the heavy lessened.Write it all down and ask- “What about this can I control?” Make a list and then decide on one action you can take to move forward right now.

Think about lightening your load¬†for a period of time- say for the month of June, or for the summer. Pare down to the essentials. Remember how Bob in one of my favorite movies What About Bob? took a vacation from his problems? I love that idea! Sometimes we just need a break and you are the only one who can give it to yourself. Maybe you’ll create a retreat (see last week) or even a mini sabbatical or a phone free day.

Your body is a key place for getting lighter- moving is so important. Do some summer things- jump rope, skip down the street, sing in the car with windows down, get out in nature as much as possible. These are the kinds of things that get you feeling lighter.

Experiment and see what works for you. And have fun doing it! Fun=light! Light=positive! Enjoy!