I had to add the subtitle to the title because…. a word like resistance can be so heavy! But you really can have fun with it, if you are willing to look at it more closely.

Resistance is really a good thing at its core- our human brain is actually trying to protect us. If we start to look at resistance like an alert rather than the information, we can expand the goodness of our life.

Our brains are programmed to look for danger, the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable- all the enemy as far as our brains are concerned. When you start to gain personal awareness and notice you are resisting something, you have the opportunity to now work with that resistance in a positive way.

Resistance can come up when we want to change or add a habit, try something new, choose discomfort or to do something that is difficult. That is why it is important to pause and look at the truth of our resistance. Resistance can come up even when we are choosing something that is good for us! Read that again. That is why we have to make a conscious decision about things, rather than just letting our brains and emotions take the drivers seat.

When should you give in to resistance? When you ask yourself- what is causing me to resist? What is the worst thing that could happen? What do I fear might happen?

Then you ask yourself some questions like- What good things might happen if I move forward through the resistance? How will I feel about myself if I stop resisting? What opportunities might I miss if I continue to resist?

Answering these questions- in writing- will help you to sort through and create the right mindset to move forward.

The Insight Timer app is free and full of great meditations and talks about resistance, if you are interested in diving even deeper. I am including one in this week’s newsletter, as well.

Have fun examining your resistance! Make a list as you notice resistance come up for a week- just being curious and not judgmental- after a week take a look and apply the questions above. Enjoy seeing what might shift for the better!