If you’ve been reading my blog for almost any amount of time you will realize I can be a bit of a broken record in that I think and talk about mindset A LOT!

I wrote about thinking bigger in last week’s newsletter. Today is a different twist.

It is about expanding your mindset by challenging your views of things. It’s challenging your values, but looking closely at what they’ve become. Values are not always positive. In working with a client this week, this became clear. We can learn to value things, for instance, that make us feel safe. Or things that fall under the category of, this is how we’ve have always done it, so values become unconscious in many ways. We can say we value something, and then behave in a completely different way.

As we prepare to turn the calendar again- in to April and into a new quarter of 2021, it is a great time to blow up your mindset around the things that are not serving you, are holding you back, things you have agreed to because your family values it. Blow things out by looking in every corner to examine your life.

Take a step back and view yourself through someone else’s eyes. Would they be able to see you living out your values or would they see something different. Are you walking the talk.

This could be something as small as saying I value great health and I only have a sweet treat once a week, and then in reality have something sweet every night.

This could be saying that reading is one of your highest values and never cracking a book. What are you doing with your time that you could be reading? That is actually what you value most. Your actions tell all.

Be brave and willing to look at the truth of your values. How is your mindset around values helping you or hurting you?

I love the question, so simple- is that true?

So many of the things we think and say are simply not true. What mindsets are leading you to be out of sync. This is a big subject, take it a bit at a time. Have a coach help you to weed through it- but only if you are really willing to go there.

There will be discomfort of the path of self discovery.  There WILL. And there is also reward that far outweighs the discomfort.

The truth is, if you even take a sliver of this and start to think about it, you are ahead of most people in the world. So remember to keep recognizing yourself for your courage and willingness along the way.