This is the perfect time for a re-set!

We have just reached the end of the first quarter and I am thinking a lot about doing my quarterly review. In my book The Successful Coach’s Business Development and Planning Calendar I offer outlines for yearly goals, monthly, weekly and the quarterly review.

We are just reaching the first one for all who are using the book to guide their businesses this year and I was recording a live video for the group page on Facebook. As I was doing the recording I thought, these questions are really good for anyone in any business, but not just in business, in LIFE!

The quality of the questions we ask ourselves determines the quality of the life we create. Many questions we ask without being conscious of them. The idea behind the review is to ask purposeful questions to keep you focused on what is most important in your life.

I have found that when people shy away from goals and review it is because they are afraid of disappointing themselves. This is just a mindset that can be over come.

Why would you want to over come it?  I can just say from experience, I have met (and coached) many successful people over many years. Some don’t set goals or review. The one thing I can say for that group is that they have no idea what they are leaving on the table. They have no idea how much more is possible for them. How much more they are capable of.

If this is you and you want to live your best life- think about working on the mindset. It is like playing not to fail rather than playing to win. The win being you living your greatest life. It means that you MIGHT be playing small, it maybe holding yourself back, definitely playing it safe.

Sometimes I see these people waiting for life to come to them- and honestly because they are great people, it often does. But they do not get the satisfaction of seeing what they can create and the strength and belief that come from taking a risk to “fail” which is really just learning.

Strengthen yourself and your mindset to lead the fullest life. We can all do this- no matter where we are at.

So think back to the beginning of the year and review what you wanted from 2021. Now that we are at the end of the first quarter and beginning the second-

-Are you where you wanted to be at this point in the year?

-What went well?

-What is unfinished?

-What is not yet started?

-What of your original goals is still important to you?

-What will you work on, create and learn in the second quarter?

-What consistent actions will put you in the direction of where you want your year to go and what you want to experience this year?

Take some time to think these through, get a notebook and handwrite out your thoughts. Give yourself this gift to start to, or increase your ability to create your life on purpose.

My word for the year is VITAL. It is really important to start to think about where and how you are spending your time and considering what is necessary for you.

As you begin this fresh start- new month, new quarter and new week ahead- decide what you want and go for it! I support you!