JOY   Noun: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness: a thing that causes joy

As a verb: rejoice 

What things bring you great joy?

Making sure to weave some joy into your days, weeks and months is beneficial because in the state of joy we feel better about ourselves and our circumstances.

Create a “what brings me joy” list!

It can be hard to choose joy when you are not in a positive emotional place. It’s helpful to make a list of all of the things that bring you joy and have it handy. It’s another “put your body in motion and your mind will follow” moment. You get yourself started, even if you don’t feel like it. That’s why it’s good to have the list ready to go, because in the moment you need it, you may not be able to mentally think of things that bring you joy.

What is it about this season brings you joy? What is it that when you experience it, you feel happiness?

Something to think about as we near the end of this year, because you may want to start to consider how you will include these things, on purpose, in your 2021 plan!

Choose joy!!