As the days of 2020 really wind down- less than a week to go- if you are like me, you might be starting to think about the fresh start that is New Year’s Day.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had played a game with my kids called The Self Mastery Game. One piece of wisdom really struck me as important and has given me pause to think.

“You don’t have to begin again, it’s just a continuation.” 

What a great way to think about it. Although you may want to clear the slate clean in some areas, think of all that you have done this year, and all that you have done in your whole life up until this point, even those things that you may want to clear out.  All of those things brought you to this very point you are at as you read this.

With 2021 being a continuation of your life- what would you like the continuation to look like?  What will you continue? What will you evolve?

We don’t need to just stop everything and start again. We begin where we are. And go from there.

What does this thought mean to you? How is different from how you normally approach the New Year?

Let’s continue to wind down 2020 together tomorrow.