My kids and I  just finished playing The Self MasteryGame. I am grateful because by some miracle my son will play with us, too, and it takes patience because it can take a while to play it.

The game was given to me as a gift from one of my great clients and you can order one for yourself- straight from Australia!

You pose a questions at the beginning of the game and then gather information throughout the game to apply to answering that question. The game is full of engaging thoughts, wisdom and conversation.

I could write pages about this game, but today I want to highlight two thoughts around the work learn, as we whittle down our days of 2020 to the new year. These come from the cards that I drew during the course of the game today.

Take a moment to see how these might apply to you and your current life circumstances. Write about it and gain even more understanding.

LEARN– “If you should do it,you won’t. If you must do it, you will.”


“What is in the past you LEARN from, what is in the present you are, and what is in the future you will create now.”

Such goodness to contemplate as you may consider how you want to approach the new year and how you might want to change things up!

Tomorrow I am going to expand on what other aha, among dozens, that stood out to me in playing The Mastery Game  today. So good!!!