What do sprightly and radiant have to do with gratitude? As it turns out in my world this week, a whole bunch!

This week’s message about gratitude will focus on telling other’s when you are grateful for them, both in the moment and also as a practice. Seize the opportunities that happen in the moment when someone does something you appreciate or you if see someone unexpectedly and you are grateful for that.

How might it work as a practice? You know when you are writing your gratitudes each day- you are, right?– and someone’s name appears on the list? Tell those people at some point in the week, or even the very next day, that you are grateful for them. You might even make a practice of telling one person each day that you are grateful for them and why.

With regards to telling them them why: That part is sometimes harder to do, and surely takes extra effort, but it is the part that makes it the most meaningful.

Last week one special reader of my newsletter and blog took the time to write and express her gratitude for me and my weekly spritely (yes, there are two ways to spell it!) blog. I had to look up the word’s meaning and it really made me smile. You know if you are someone who creates things, having someone enjoy and appreciate what you have created is about as good as it gets! (Thank you Sarah. :))

Then a couple of days later, I unexpectedly ran into a joyful friend- it was just a quick in-passing hug and a smile- which was wonderful. Now this next part I was wondering if I should tell you, but then I thought- what would I encourage a client to do? I knew then that I wanted to share this with you.

My lovely friend texted me within a few minutes to reflect her love of seeing me around and that she saw me as radiant. Talk about heart swelling multiple sizes! I had such gratitude for her reflecting this to me. I want to encourage you to share these things with other’s, too- it takes vulnerability, but when you do, you allow others to celebrate with you. When someone says something nice to you, share it with someone who will amplify it with you and for you. We have been taught to downplay such things and it only squelches our spirit.

And that brought me full circle to this- it is not just a nice idea that telling someone you are grateful for them, sharing why and appreciating them is powerful- when you experience it, you KNOW how it impacts you. It feels so so good on both sides- the giving and receiving. Practice this week and see for yourself.

Next week I will share what I have come to see as the hardest part of gratitude for people and we will kick off the 2023 annual gratitude challenge!! Stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter so that you don’t miss a detail!