As we wrap up the year and reflect on what has happened within our lives in the pst 12 months an important word may come to light.

Using the word acceptance as a filter can help us to see what is important and can steer us toward what will be authentic, meaningful and welcomed in the year ahead.

When you look up the word acceptance in the dictionary some of the other words that pop up are welcome, approval, agreeing, receive, allow, to take or hold, admittance, endure, to regard as proper or normal, to recognize as true, agree to undertake a responsibility. So many angles!

Here are some angles for you to journal about, think about and maybe even make some decisions about as you envision and execute your way into 2024. Think about what I mention and at the same time see what else comes up for you. What’s missing that you would add?

-What, if you accepted it, would make your life better?

-What are you accepting now that no longer works for you, even though it might have at one time?

-What positive attributes do you accept about yourself?

-What about yourself could you decide to accept and embrace starting now?

-Where can you accept more those things that you can not control?

-What can you start to accept about others that would help you to live a happier life?

-What situations require your acceptance?

-What situations or treatment would you no long like to accept?

Some of these questions might have answers that over lap- that is okay. Handwrite out your answers. See what come up- it takes courage and curiosity and willingness. Get some help and support if needed. 

How would you use the information you have gained to shape 2024 for you?

Who will help you and hold you accountable? What resources do you already have and what do you need?

Do this work and thinking in a place that is comforting, maybe with a treat or two. Return to it over and over really pull out what is important for you right now.