In pursuit of living our best lives, it is important to stop and think- often. Pen and paper in hand, comfy chair or pretty view- maybe both. Take the time every week to work on knowing yourself, being still and letting those great ideas come up that don’t see the light of day on a normal, busy day.

One topic worth contemplating on a semi-regular basis is how much in your life is working for you- and how much is not. For this we can return to the areas of life to prompt us-









Start a list with what is working well area, by area. Go through the whole list. Next, go back through the list to write down what isn’t working so well. Finally, ask yourself- what would it look like if this was going as well as possible and what is one thing I can do right away to move toward the direction of creating something that works better for me.

After you do this you could continue at another time with a longer list of all of the things that you COULD do just to have them written down.

My advice is to look at all of these areas at the same time, but when it comes to taking your first actions, choose one or two areas to get going with first. As you feel like you are moving along, go ahead and add something else in. Changing many things at once does work for some people- and if that is you, go for it. Just make sure that you are in reality about it. For the rest of us, taking on two many changes, projects, new actions at once will assure that none of them work or stick.


Here are some other questions for you to ask yourself:

What am I tolerating that does not work for me?

What could I be more tolerant of?

Who and what am I allowing to steal my joy?

What am I saying yes to that does not work for me?

Take some time to handwrite and think about all of the things I have mentioned in this post. Return to it over and over again to see what rises to the top for you and you continue to explore yourself and what works for you!