On a scale from 1-10 how fully are you living your life, by your definition?

My definition would include things like experiencing things that cause me to feel awe, I am contributing to others and the world in some way, I engage in activities that bring me joy every day, that I am connected with others and we have meaningful time together, I don’t let small things steal my serenity, I take on challenges, I travel and see new areas and get out of my usual environments often (near or far), I make good choices about where I spend my time, I am filled with energy and vitality, I am connected to nature everyday, I appreciate and marvel at beautiful art and other things that human beings have created. My best, full life has lots of space in it to soak it all in, to let things go, and to create clarity in my thinking.

What it isn’t, to me, is it is not filled with fear and anxiety, or regret, or negativity toward myself.

There is no right or wrong answer because you get to decide what your best, full life looks like! That is your homework today, this week- write out your first, or one hundred and seventh, draft- a description of you living fully in your life.

What do you already have included in your life right now? What is missing? How will you get started with adding something that is missing? What is the first step? When will you do it?

Marcus Aurelius famously said “It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.”

What I have found in my own life, as well as in my 20+ year coaching practice is the thing that stops most of us from really living is fear. If we are going to fear something, lets fear never fully living our lives! And it is never too late- it is not an excuse anymore as we can google and find examples of people of all ages doing pretty much anything we might want to do, achieve, try.

I hope that you choose to do your homework this week and take a step toward a fuller life leading to more love, joy, peace and fun!