Last September 6th I went to bed like I do any normal night and when I woke up my knee wouldn’t work. As I tried  to walk I felt sharp pain, but being who I am, out I went for my morning walk, believing I would just walk it off. I powered through for a few days before finally admitting it might not be just going away.

A few years ago I had meniscus surgery and it seems that however I slept that night, something shifted around and was now causing problems. I had surgery, because I was hobbling around for about a year and I got tired of being in pain and not being able to do all of the things I loved to do. I recovered and went back to doing everything! I was so grateful.

Now, my knee has been getting better all of these months, but I still can’t run and some days I wonder if I ever will again. It’s okay with me, as I love to walk (fast) more than anything, but I do also like to spring along with the dog at times and run/walk at times. Now I GET TO go to PT and it is getting better. Hate going to PT? I used to. I have worked on my mental game to find appreciation for it. In history there was a time that if you were hobbled, you were hobbled and that was that. Overflowing gratitude that that is not now. I have so much gratitude right now that I can walk with no problems at all- that is today.

Now that I am unable to run, I miss running. I used to hate running at times in my life when I COULD run! And I even missed walking, as I had to forgo that for a while, too.

Once again, I had taken something for granted. Walking, running. Even after I had already lost my ability once. This is a very human thing to do, by the way. We are not going to spend our days thinking about how good we have it when everything is good. It is only when things aren’t good that we remember how good we had it.

But we can choose to spend some time every day thinking about what is good while it is good, so that we don’t miss out on that. We can learn to go with the flow, the season of life we are in, so that we fully experience that part of our lives.

Slow at work? Laid up? Instead of resisting reality, what does what’s happening at this time in your life make room for?

Today- be grateful for each and every part of your body that is healthy. I have even taken to thanking my body- each and every part.

For instance: I am thankful that my other knee works just fine. I thank my healing knee and congratulate it for making progress. Doesn’t that sound funny? Just try it- it IS funny and it shifts my mindset. I am grateful for progress.

A lot of people I knew have passed away recently. Be thankful every day for those who cross your path- even for a split second. When someone passes away, this is a common wake up call we all experience, we realize again life is short and surprising and a mystery.

Have you ever done this? Looked at pictures of yourself 10-20 years ago- and seeing a young, vibrant person- a person who you were never satisfied with at those times? Looking back you can see plenty you could have been grateful for. I have. If that is you, we can be grateful to have the gift of time to be able to look back. And choose to think differently now.

Down on getting older? Replace that with gratitude for wisdom, second (and third) chances. You are still here- and as the saying goes- you have survived all of your worst days- wow!

What’s good right now? I challenge you to take (another) inventory- make a list. Make it extensive. Many, many things in your life are actually great, not even just good.

Think you don’t like your job? Think about not having it. Think about all of the other people who might trade places with you. Who would you trade places with? The grass is not greener.

I am not advocating the you stop pursuing living a better life- that would never be me- what I am advocating is that you figure out how to love more of your life than not, RIGHT NOW, so that you get to gain every gift of having been here.

Not happy with your health? What is one thing about your health you can be grateful for? Do something about the other things.

Not happy with your home? What is one thing that you can be grateful for about your home? Start doing little things to create the home you want, while focusing on what is good.

Do this for your relationships, your work or business, do this for your accomplishments, experiences, do this for your spirit, your schedule, hygiene, clothes, your impact on others and overall- who you are RIGHT NOW. (Please add to this list.)

You can’t start loving yourself enough. You are here, you are important. Your mission here is important. It is up to you to steer the ship and make the most of it.

This week’s homework, should you choose to accept it is to comb through this post with a pen and paper and write down what resonates with you right now. I have said a lot in a lot of different ways. What is meaningful to you? If you feel a little poked and prodded- I am happy to hear it. From that place, big things can happen, if you are willing to allow them.

Living is not easy, but it is a privilege and it can be joyful regardless of circumstances, if you allow it.

Stop being one of those people who doesn’t appreciate what you have until you don’t.