I saw a post that really sparked me this week. I love art and this post likened our entire lives to art.

It started out-

It’s all art.

Everything about you- your laugh and smile, what you wear and how you decorate your home and for me, my desk! It is the way you move and the actions you take. It is what you choose to fill the hours of your life with. It is the library of books you have curated, the art work, the __________________ (fill in the blank) collection that is dear to you.

It is the way you write, they said, and this even includes your grocery lists! Playlists you create- the soundtrack to your life. How you curate your continued learning would be in there for me, too. Where you spend your time and what is in your schedule, your favorite places and things- like for me- fresh flowers in my spaces.

It is also the people in your life- your friendships.

It ends with-

It’s all art. Your whole life is art.

How beautiful! Think about these things this week as we begin spring and a whole new fresh era of curation can begin. A new season of your life to play with, shape, create.

Thank you to my favorite denim brand- Mother– for the post that inspired me so much this week. I have fresh eyes to look at everything and I hope you will borrow from my enthusiasm and see what you might curate, too.