The 100 Day Challenge, Day 55:

This week I am doing a different kind of fundraiser.  Many days of the month I am working on raising money for something, but rarely am I asked to actually do something challenging in return.  I’ve done bike rides and walk a thons, I have done dancing or sold things and even some other things I have now forgotten, but normally the activities do not pose a big challenge for me- and many times they are even fun.  This week I am going to sleep outside in support of and in solidarity with homeless youth in Vermont.  This may not sound like a challenge for you campers out there, but I can assure you, for me it is.  I have never in my entire life slept outside over night.  There is also the challenge of our back to seasonably cold weather- so I am planning my bundling up strategies.

I feel sheepish even considering for one second that I may be uncomfortable.  I know what I will be doing will be nothing like the experience that homeless youth go through night after night.  I will, however, experience the care and attention of the dedicated people of Spectrum Youth and Family Services.  The hope is to raise over $50,000 for them to continue and broaden their ability to help the homeless in our state.  There will be fifty of us gathered for the sleep out.  I am hoping that there is strength in numbers and that the exposure that each one of us gives individually to this cause will compound into big results for Spectrum and those they serve.

Please click the link below :

Help me to do my part to reach the fundraising goal and especially to find out more about what Spectrum does in our community.  Please help us to spread the word!  Thank you!