The 100 Day Challenge Day 56:

“If you are not spending time in discomfort each day, then you are not making progress.”  Robin Sharma

If you are not interested in making progress in your life and work, then don’t worry about it.  Stay nice and comfy.  For the rest of us, doing things that are out of our comfort zone not only can fuel us with greater energy than we have ever known, but may also keep us young, and will certainly lead to the creation of new levels of excellence in our lives.

Start to look to say yes to offerings of experiences that are new to you.  This is one of the reasons I said yes to doing the Spectrum Solidarity Sleepout- the idea of it made me very uncomfortable. (see post from yesterday, Day 55)

Doing the same old, same old in your life and business just leads to more of the same.  In order to really grow we most likely need to get out of our usual path, which means discomfort.  Learn to welcome it!  I love this AMAZING quote from Robin Sharma- “Comfort is bad, discomfort is good!”  So complex!

If you have read this far, I know you are thinking of places in your work, career, endeavors where you want to take the plunge on something, but haven’t due to the fear of the unknown.  That’s discomfort.  Risking trying something new that you might not immediately be good at, that’s discomfort.  The possibility of being rejected, that’s discomfort.

How do you get past fear and dive into discomfort?  One, you focus on the big picture, which is what you want and you REALLY want it and Two- you JUST DO IT!!

How much time do you spend in discomfort daily?  Self imposed?

How do YOU get past fears to welcome discomfort in your life?

Please comment!