The 100 Day Challenge, Day 65:

Experiencing the greatest possible life takes major stamina, as I am being reminded this week with a full schedule from dawn till dusk each day.  I have heard Robin Sharma often tout the benefits of getting up early and getting exercise into your routine.  I have done this for years and love it when I find data that supports what I am experiencing.  In the book The Power of Full Engagement, Jim Loehr reveals a study that he did with two groups of people, one group slept an extra hour in the morning, the other group got up an hour earlier and exercised instead of sleeping.  Guess which group lasted throughout the day with greater stamina?  The exercise group.  You knew I was going to say that didn’t you?

Now, I am not saying you can not live a good life without exercising.  BUT if you intend in anyway to live the GREATEST life you possibly can live while you are on this Earth, then you better get loving exercise.  I hear at least once a day from someone- “I hate to exercise!”  Really?  You hate moving?  We are made for moving!  When you are not moving everything inside you is stagnating!  Does that sound appealing?  Your energy affects everything you do!  How do you expect to be at the top of your field at work when you are up against people who are working at maximum potential?  How will you keep your patience with your toddler running around and work to do without collapsing in a heap from exhaustion?  Exercising is a KEY component in combating exhaustion.  Sounds a little ironic, doesn’t it?

Do you every hear yourself saying “I am just so exhausted!”  If so, I would like to ask, when was the last time you took a (fast) walk, rode your bike, danced, lifted weights or went for a nice run?  When was the last time you did a push up?  When was the last time you sweat because you got your heart rate up?

AND if you are one of those people who “hates” exercising realize that this is just a story you have devised.  Is the story benefiting you in any way?  Exercise is a habit, like anything else.  You can learn to LOVE it!  There is no certain person who is good at exercise, it is the person’s story that makes it so.

If you want to live a spectacular life, filled with stamina to experience all of the glorious things, opportunities this world has to offer- change your story and learn to LOVE exercising.  You are only stealing your potential joy, your super fit best health and energy every day that you put it off.

Figure out what works for you, and check with your doctor, if you haven’t done that already before beginning.

I am on a bandwagon here, and I know it.  Weeks like this remind me how exercise saves me from crashing and burning.  Give it a chance- come on, let’s go!