The 100 Day Challenge, Day 66:

In the course of a week things can look up and they can look down- and many times over for both.  Do you ever feel like this is happening even from minute to minute?

While we can’t always control the things that are happening, we can control where our heads are at.  Yes, we will all have our moments of freaking out or getting upset or angry.  We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t.  The trick is to not stay in those places, but to get out as quickly as possible.

Raise your awareness over the next week (or even just tomorrow at Easter dinner with your extended family), when drama starts to arise, see how you react.  If you react in a negative way, see how long you stay in that negative place.  Even this is good enough for now, you are just gathering information.  Notice what bothers you and for how long.  Once you have the observing part down, then add action.  The action part of getting out of drama quickly.

One of the negative emotions we seem to carry around the longest is unforgivenness.  In the spirit of Easter, this weekend, identify one person you have been holding something against and let it go.  It will lighten your load dramatically, leaving you in a much better place to deal with the everyday ups and downs that could possibly come along.

May the joy and peacefulness that this season can bring, be yours!