The 100 Day Challenge, Day 67:

Easter means so many different things and emphasizes something different for everyone, and also depends upon where you are in your life and path of spiritual growth.

It may seem obvious to most, but it took me many years to make a connection between Spring time and all that is happening with the re-awakening in nature, and the resurrection and dawning of a new day taught in Christian religions and beliefs.  No matter what your beliefs are, you can find the energy of this time of the year and use it to your benefit.  Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter) has given me a time to contemplate some things in my life, to go without some things, to take on some reading to expand my mind in the spiritual area of my life.  Now is the perfect time to take all I have learned and to think about how I want to apply it moving forward.  A re-birth to new ideals, habits and beliefs.

Does it make sense to you, at this time in your life, and this point in the year to re-vamp some things in your life?  If so, you have the Season on your side.  Let the energy of this time sweep you forward, helping you to gain momentum like no other time of year can.  Be like the flowers and leaves in nature at this time and really blossom.  Step out and reach up to new heights.  What will it be for you?  A half done forgotten project?  A dream you have never started?  Is it your health?  A new career move?  New friends, style, or learning something new? Re-birth is all about launching something or creating something old into something new.  Do you want to finally get that certificate, degree or training?  What do you think?

Get excited!  Play with this energy and have fun with it!  Create what you want with it.  Rejoice!