The 100 Day Challenge, Day 68:

Have some fun, while accomplishing big this week!  Set your goals today, this morning- (or later if you are reading this later!) for the week.  Have a few very important goals with minimum standards that you set for yourself and include some stretch goals, too.

Now, make a three lists of things you love or love to do: 1st list- things that are free, 2nd list-things that cost $10 or under, 3rd list- things that cost $50 or under.  Keep this list handy.

Pick a prize off from the free or under $10 list for reaching your minimum standard goals by week-end.  Pick a prize that you can have off from the $50 or less list for reaching your stretch goals, if that seems feasible to your pocketbook, or pick extra free prizes.  Write the prizes you are going for down and hang them up in front of you along with your goals, so that you see them A LOT!!  Consider hanging them up in several places.  Choose prizes that you really enjoy.

I was surprised when I made my lists that I had many free and under $10 things that I loved to do that I still considered real treats. Some were just slightly more.  Here are some ideas to get you going:

-We have a place in town where you can get a very nice $29 massage.

-A new book.

-Taking time for a hike in a beautiful spot that you love.

-Lunch with a special friend.

-Taking time for meditation time- there all kinds of free recordings on line.

-Signing up for an online class or a tele class- again, all kinds of free, or very inexpensive ones available online.

-Taking a long walk.

-Creative time that you don’t normally give yourself.

-Fresh flowers

The list can go on and on- what do you love?  I had a client who loved books.  She was in sales and wanted to really push herself to reach stretch goals for making contacts asking for business during each day of the week.  She would go on Barnes and Noble’s website on Sunday night and put a few books that she really wanted into her shopping cart.  She could feel that they were already hers, she just needed to do her part in order to be able to press “check out” and place her order.  If she reached her minimum goals by the end the week she could get one book, if she reached her stretch goals she could order all of them.  This was meaningful to her- what is meaningful enough to you to encourage you to play bigger and win the prize this week?

Can you see how inspired and how much fun your week can be?  You are fortunate enough right this minute to have fresh week to create!  Make the most of it starting NOW!!