Last 31 Days- Hope is Part of the Strategy

How many times have you heard this- Hope is NOT a strategy.  When we hear it we tend to write off hope and not give it another thought.  I had a great discussion the other day and our consensus was that people get hope mixed up with the word try. Like when you say I … Continued

Stronger- What’s Good About Me?

There’s a saying that we teach that which we are also learning. This is so true of me in my coaching practice. In a world that can easily knock you down, it is easy to forget what is good about ourselves.  There is always another level, another achievement, another something better we could do or … Continued


The 100 Day Challenge, Day 64: Determination- the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling on a purpose. This is ONE of the definitions of the work determination.  It is not necessarily the one we automatically think of when we hear the word. Here’s what it means to me today: So … Continued