There’s a saying that we teach that which we are also learning. This is so true of me in my coaching practice.

In a world that can easily knock you down, it is easy to forget what is good about ourselves.  There is always another level, another achievement, another something better we could do or be.  So many of my clients have forgotten their goodness when they first start to work with me. I have been there, too. In fact, I have to remind myself often of these things, especially now.

Now that things are changing that I have minimal control over- which is namely an aging body inside and out, I am faced with new challenges- challenges, honestly, I feel fortunate to be here to confront. Those who know me know, I am a pretty healthy person. I am a fit person. I post delicious, not always nutritious foods on my Instagram page- but I don’t eat those things every day. The motto in our house has always been, everything in moderation. So suddenly there are more wrinkles showing up- despite good skin care my whole life (if my sister reads this she will call me out on the fact that I have not always washed my face before bed- because I do not wear much if any makeup, she’s an expert on these things, so I am just covering this here to save it being pointed out!), some extra pounds have made a showing- even though I never miss a beat with exercise, a lifelong habit- because my hormones have decided to rearrange themselves. I am diligently working on rearranging them back, but guess what? They are on their own agenda! I could go on, but you get the drift- my body, my face, my knee that is now missing half its meniscus – they don’t feel like mine anymore.

For me, this is exactly the time to get grounded, take a breath and to take stock of what IS good about me. And I offer the same idea to you.

Make a list on a blank piece of paper or in a journal of all of the things that are good about you- ALL- this could be pages long. It may be slow to start, but keep with it. You may be on a roll to start and then hit a lull- keep with it. Keep adding to the list as you remember or discover more.

It can be anything from your sense of style, your nose or your big toe, how good you are at something, your kindness, past accomplishments, character traits and strengths, etc.

If this is hard, you are not alone- for most (not all) of my clients, this is very difficult.  We are not taught to think of ourselves as being good and about what is good about us.  And the way of the world naturally can erode our sense of goodness in ourselves.

In the end, as I reflect on those things about myself that I am not thrilled with, mainly physical things, I realize that I am sincerely doing the best I can, and so are you.

We are human. We are going to act like humans. It’s just how it is.

Take stock of what’s good about you. Celebrate it, share it if you want to or just keep it for yourself. Either way, keep it handy so that when you are having one of those days that you forget- you can get the list out and remind yourself how awesome you are.  Now you can do something with that!

Actions to take:

Write a What’s Good About Me List

Questions you can ask yourself:

-Was it easy to write or challenging?  Why?

-What have you not been recognizing in yourself?

-What are you grateful for that you may have been discounting?

-How does making this list help to offset the your thinking about the things that don’t satisfy you about yourself?