Are you creative?  Do you wish you were more creative?

You might have trouble doing it if you are not taking time to be quiet and still.  More creativity. That is just one of the many benefits of taking a tech sabbath. Taking a sabbath refers to taking a period of rest.

What are the other benefits? What I have experienced is more organization, more time for the things I love to do, the time for which (like reading ) can easily get sucked up by technology. I have space to come up with ideas, spend time with friends and family, and I certainly feel I have a more peaceful start to my week.

Almost a year ago I noticed my weekends, especially Sundays would just cruise right by with not much to show for it in the way of present moment enjoyment. When I heard this idea of taking a sabbath, it immediately resonated with me.

I set my own rules and it mostly works for me. It works unless I momentarily forget, which does happen. My rules are on Sundays I do not spend time on email, social media, very little texting- just what is necessary to communicate with a family member. I do silent meditation that does not require a device, I refrain from looking at the weather app and other apps that I not long ago lived happily without. I intend to take a walk and just enjoy the beauty without having to take a picture to try to capture it.

Just for one day a week.

It’s a practice and I make mistakes- which is very interesting and this is where my growth and learning happen. Last Sunday I posted a picture on Instagram (one of my favorite things to do)- as soon as I did it I thought- oh shoot, I am not doing that today! I can’t even tell you the number of times I picked up my phone when I first began this without thinking! Quickly remembering that “Im not doing that today.” Like looking to see how many steps I have taken on a walk which just a short time ago was not even a thing and really doesn’t matter to me except that it is now a measurement that I use when I walk.

I do allow myself picture taking on Sundays and the occasional post if I am away somewhere special or something special is happening that I want to share, but honestly I will graduate to no tech on every Sunday- I am getting there little by little. Progress is being made.

I knew tech was taking up too much of my life- mainly my phone- but I had no idea really until I started experiencing taking these sabbath days. The time and space available was surprising to me. I love to read and take long walks, do a lot of planning, thinking and strategizing- those things are all fun and relaxing and require no tech. I am creating my dream Sundays. The next levels could be fun, too- like maybe not going anywhere that I can’t walk away from my house. Maybe it’s no TV- because there still is a little bit of that. On Sundays a walk can just be a walk- no matter how many steps it is.

This is another dimension of getting stronger- have a hold on your tech use, rather than it having a hold on you. You get stronger when you spend time on things that you love to do and in the present moment. Stronger emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What about this resonates with you? What would your rules be for a tech sabbath? What about having a tech sabbath one a week would benefit you?