October 2019 on the blog is all about the word STRONGER.

Getting stronger requires courage- and when courage is required, fear is usually lurking.  One of the best books ever- even reading the title helps me- is Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway! by Susan Jeffers PH.D.  It’s a classic.

Somehow I grew up with the idea that I should be afraid of things and if I am I should try to get unafraid.  This idea of doing something even while I was still afraid was a foreign one to me. It was like freedom. I am sure you will agree, it’s pretty hard to just stop being afraid of something. Taking action, moving, is what starts to shift the fear.

If we want to get stronger in any way, we need to take action, think differently, do things we haven’t done before- it’s all about being out of your comfort zone- that’s how getting stronger works.

A good place to start with getting stronger is to look at all of the places you would like to be stronger- just having awareness will start to shift things.  Think about the areas of life- family, health, mental/intellectual, social, community, business, spiritual, financial.

What about any of those areas would you like to be stronger in?  and what is important about making them stronger?

What fears come up?  and what is the worst that could happen?  Is it true?

What old unsupportive mindsets come up?  Where did they come from?  Are they true?

Once you start to identify these things, you can start to move toward those things you want even with fear present.

Also, getting stronger is a process- not an over night quick fix. So taking the time to answer these questions and make a strong foundation are well worth it.