This month (October) I am going to be writing quite a few posts around my theme of Stronger- in all areas of life.

This year I have worked on many dimensions of and strengths in my own life- one of them being getting myself in a place of more courage and being brave. Everything I have done this year (and you too) has led me to this place in October. In taking stock of what has happened so far this year, as we begin a new (and the last) quarter of the year, I am realizing the tools and skills and mindsets that I now bring to the table that I didn’t have before, or those I had and are now sharper. Getting stronger is what I have done.

The  meaning of getting stronger is being able to withstand greater forces and pressures.  More secure, indestructible, more powerful.  For me, this really refers to my mindset. I’ve known for years, that is where everything starts. Creating a stronger, tougher mindset has always appealed to me.

Given the definition of stronger- what does it mean in your life?  Where are you already strong and could expand it?  What areas of life are you not strong that you could zero in on making it stronger- and if you did it, it would benefit your life greatly?

We are going on a journey to get stronger this month- I hope you will join me!

My resource suggestion of this day is – visit my business Facebook page- Kimberly DuBrul Coaching and look at my most recent post:  A quick video interview with Hoda and Deepak to really make you think- stronger mindset on the way!  I have already watched it several times and will continue to do so.  Let me know what you think!