Balanced thinking is intentional thinking. What you allow your mind to be consumed by.

These are a couple of sentences I wrote in my journal not long ago. It spurred a stream of thoughts about the dynamics of things. These are all nooks and crannies of our lives to consider- pick one and think and write about it, pick them all!  Maybe just meditate on what they mean to you.

Check out the balance of:

Effort vs Rest

Alone time vs Time with others

Inside vs. Outside time

Eating healthy foods vs Comfort foods

Working vs Playing

Self care vs Caring for others

Spending vs Saving

Staying home vs Going out

Focus vs Breaks

Awake vs Asleep

Storing things vs Cleaning out

Holding on vs Letting go

Learning vs applying

Saying yes vs No

Hope vs Reality

Controlling vs Trusting

Family vs Friends

Quiet time vs Noisy time

Invisible vs Visible

Stage time vs Behind the Scenes

Just to get you started!  What “vs” would you add to the list?  Which one are you willing to sit with first, and then work with over the next. What are the benefits to doing that?

Our lives are filled with push and pull. The dynamics of life. If we are awake and intentional, we can choose how we interact with them, and how they impact our lives.


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