Attached to this blog post is my podcast going into a little more detail about my thoughts on mid year reviewing!

This blog post is a little later than I wanted it to be! I almost scrapped it, BUT I asked myself- how many times have I scrapped things that would have been better done a little later than ideal than not at all? Have you ever done that?  I can think of plenty of times for me. And the truth is, you can do a review any time- there is no deadline- and it’s only July 6, so it is a perfect time for the mid year review.

I did do mine last week- see the photo above- I was at the Philo Ridge Farm in Charlotte, Vermont. Food and beautiful surroundings are what I look for in a perfect retreat location. However, you can do your retreat anywhere! An Inspiring location is great, but set yourself up wherever you are, set aside some time for you and only you. I spent 4 hours at the farm, and honestly would have stayed longer if I hadn’t had to leave for an appointment. I ate breakfast and lunch there while I worked and it was awesome! This is what I call a mini retreat and the word retreat has the word treat right in it, so there you go!

Get a nice notebook or pad of paper and a pen, grab the goals you set at the beginning of the year and ask yourself some great questions. Handwriting your answers is important, so you can leave your laptop behind.

These are the questions I asked myself this year: (listen to the podcast as I expand on these a little more.)

*What has gone well so far this year?

*What has not gone well?

*What new goals would I like to add for the second half of the year?

*What do I need to keep doing or expand in order to reach my goals?

*What do I need to do less of or let go of altogether in order to reach my goals?

*What will I do to celebrate all that I have accomplished so far this year?

What other questions would you like to ask yourself?  These are just suggestions to get you started. Please share your questions in the comments, the more questions the better! Thanks for reading and sharing.

Listen to the podcast by copying the link below into your browser.