Thriving as the result of a particularly favorable environment. This is the definition of the word FLOURISH. A word I am growing to love more and more- the more I consider it’s meaning and interpret it for myself.

A week ago I lead a retreat called the Thrive Retreat. I read a lot of words about thrive and thriving to the participants and one of the words was flourish. I read them the definition. It struck many as the most meaningful thing they heard in the list I read.

It occurred to me right away that at our retreat we were creating a place to flourish- a particularly favorable environment. For sure there can not be many more favorable environments for thinking, decompressing, creating, strategizing and asking big questions of oneself than Shelburne Farms. So check that off the list.

A then I began to think more deeply about this. We get to create a favorable environment starting with what is in our heads. What do we let in, what thoughts do we allow, what do we read, how do we process our thoughts, is our thinking healthy and supportive.

Another environment is that which we create with our voice. Is this favorable? Are our words supportive, positive, encouraging, uplifting to ourselves?

The easiest for most of us to think about with regards to a favorable environment is our physical spaces- our home, our office or workplace, our car. Are these places clean and clear and uplifting? It is surprising to me how cleaning some stuff up- and clearing some stuff out- can give me a powerful release of energy. We think we don’t have the energy to do it, but what we don’t know is that those unfavorable environments are stealing our energy!

Setting yourself up for success is creating a favorable environment- having a great team around you, having people you can confide in, doing work that is your sweet spot and letting others do what they do best.

A favorable environment does not include angst and resistance. Removing those things are crucial.

Who can help you to create the favorable environments you want? What actions could you take to create a favorable experience for yourself in any of these areas? What holds you back?

The opposite of flourishing is declining, withering, stagnating, and unhealthy. Where are these things showing up in our life? Don’t feel badly. Shining a light on these things illuminates the direct path to where a favorable environment is not existing and now, once aware, you can do something about it.

What would it take for you to be fully flourishing in every area of your life? Write it out- pen and paper- no overwhelm allowed- just get it all out, giving yourself credit for what is already working. Once you have finished- pick ONE thing, just ONE, to take action on in the next 12-24 hours. It doesn’t have to be a big thing- it can be a piece of a big thing. Give yourself a start- momentum begins at the beginning with that first step.

Imagine, what would your life look like when everything is flourishing in your life. How are you going to feel? Get a plan together, follow it along with your vision and strong feelings and nothing is going to stop you.

Kimberly DuBrul, PCC has been coaching clients in business, life and mindset for 17 years. Visit and sign up for the newsletter to find out about everything that is happening and for book suggestions,  more content like this. Thank you!