This holiday season can be joyous beyond any past experience, should you decide to choose and create that!  So how about it?

Think about the best holiday season you ever had?  What made it so great?  Take a few minutes to think about it.  Write it down- in detail.  This gives you a road map to re-create some things you have loved from the past.  Traditions, events, food, etc.

What have you always wanted to experience during the holidays, but never have?  What new traditions would you like to start?  What events would you like to attend?  Would you like to throw a party? Take your kids, or somebody’s kids to see a show like A Christmas Carol or the Nutcracker?  Make this complete list.

You can take  a mixture of these two lists and create a new and exciting last few weeks of the year!

A few more things to think about to prompt you in your planning:

You could do a daily practice of some sort each day in December- random act of kindness each day, write gratitudes each day, etc.

Adopt a family in need and provide a happy holiday for them.

Invite people to your home for a celebration!

Gather your friends in a cozy coffee shop for a little relaxing social time.

Read Christmas/holiday/spiritually themed books- discuss with friends.

Remember to thank people who have helped you all year long.

Decide on how you would like to ring in the new year- what would be your perfect last day of this year- who would you like to see, what would you like to eat and drink, what activities would you like to take part in?

What relationships would you like to heal before the end of the year, and what will you do to do your part to make it happen?

How can you take your gift giving to a new, more meaningful level by really finding out what someone needs, wants, and likes?  Taking the time to really know what a person likes and searching out that perfect something tells others that you care enough about them to do that- that you actually had to take the time to think, research and make it happen.

Do you want to bake or cook?  For you?  For others?

Who can help you and celebrate with you to see that you get to connect with those who matter most to you.

I find this list could be endless!  Have fun dreaming up your wonderful holiday season this year.  In John Maxwell’s book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth he talks about the first law- The Law of Intentionality.   It takes being intentional, having a plan and then following it to see you dream to become a reality.  The list is just the start- next you need to plan actions and execute them- then you will see what you want materializing right in front of you!