As I prepare for the start of a new mastermind group based on the new John Maxwell book The 15 Invaluable Laws of of Growth, I am struck by many incredible thoughts that are expanding my mind!  There is one quote in particular that is not leaving my mind;

“Your goal should be to waste as little of your life as possible.”  John Maxwell

That thought is a simple, yes so hugely profound to me!  Does anyone set out to waste any of their life?  I would guess not- not on purpose for sure!  If we know this, then why do we let time slip through out fingers continuing habits that don’t support us, working at a job we do not like, spending time with people we do not enjoy or who are not going in the direction we are going?  How can carrying around this simple thought with you change your life?

This is how:  by taking ACTION!  I have written about action many times before in this blog.  It really is the root of all change, it is how we make things happen.  We can learn and plan until the cows come home (I live in Vermont!), but until we act upon what we learn and plan, we will go nowhere fast.

What is one area of your life where you feel you may be wasting some time doing things the way you do them?  Is it:

-your way of thinking?

-your health?

-your relationships?

-your finances?

-your personal growth?

-your business?

-what else?

For now, pick one area.  Where are you with it on a scale from 1-10?  and What would make it a 10?  Write out a complete description of this- not just thinking about it in your head- write it down.  Now write down 4 things- big or small- that you can do to move yourself closer to the 10 over the next 7 days.  If you have something big- break it down into smaller actions.  Next, take out your calendar and schedule the 4 activities into your appointment book- into an actual time.  For accountability, make sure someone who supports you knows your commitments- don’t keep them a secret!  The trick to all of this is to follow through on your schedule- the plan you made for yourself.  The trick is not to let that activity drop or slide by!  How badly do you want to move to the next level with this?  Your actions will give you the answer.

Will you waste any more of your life not doing it?

This is what I do in coaching sessions with clients.  A client told me today he is have his highest production business wise in 28 years in business.  We have been working together for over two years.  Why do I mention this?  To impress upon you that changes, especially  big ones take time and patience.  If you ask him now- is it worth it?  Are you glad you kept at it, it was two years, after all.  He would tell you YES!  and all the things he learned along the way about himself, his mindset and even a business he knew well have been many more than he could have ever anticipated.

Get this message for yourself!  It is worth it.  It is hard work, but it is worth it!  Who will you become in the process?  Think about that for a little while!  (and write it down, of course!!)