Although I am a big proponent of taking massive action toward your goals relentlessly and with perseverance, I see the huge value in revitalization time to have even more energy to give to your pursuits.

I am noticing more and more the power of being out in nature to totally refresh my perspective.  Whether it is a daily walk outside- in every kind of weather, playing with the kids, sitting in an Adirondack chair in the yard reading- they all add up to renewed energy for me. Yesterday I spent most of the day with my kids at an outdoor museum.  Today I spent the better part of 4 hours at the Annual Flynn Center Garden Tour.  On top of spending most of that time outside (except for the driving between houses/gardens) I was also treated to some of the most beautiful flowers, plants, bushes, trees and overall landscaping schemes I have ever seen.  Just soaking all of this in has sparked my personal creativity (though none of has anything to do with a green thumb, which I do not have!).  Appreciating the work that someone else has done gives makes me feel inspired and gives me a touch of awe for what is possible.  Okay, more than a touch!

I encourage you this week while you work your way toward your goals, taking smart actions that will get you to them, while you focus and work hard- take time to get outside.  If you are stuck on a solution or looking for new ideas- stop sitting there wracking your brain- get out the door for a walk.  Take regular breaks this week as an experiment.  Go to places you find personally beautiful and enjoy the sights, sounds and scents.  You don’t have to take a long time, just regular breaks.  Take a gauge next Sunday and see how you are feeling after doing this experiment all week.

I can tell you that after this weekend’s activities, I feel ready to get busy tomorrow and I am filled up with energy to have a great week!  I wish the same for you, as well!