“Are you doing things right, or are you doing the RIGHT things?”  Melissa Malueg said this on a John Maxwell team call I was on today.

Wow!  We can have such great intentions- reading that book, learning that skill, writing and looking at our goals, etc.  BUT are you doing the right things with all of that to put you in the direction of reaching your goals and getting the results you want in business and in life?  Is what your doing going to best serve you right now? Are you making decisions and going for it, or are your waiting for the right time, procrastinating.  Movement is almost always going to be better than standing still.  No matter what- when you take action, SOMETHING is going to happen!

To get more focused on results- write out everything you need to do and then assign them to 3 categories-

Do= something that only you can do and you do it the best

Delegate- something that someone else can do at least 80% as good as you can, or anything that dollar productive-wise doesn’t make financial sense for you to be doing it.

Dump- something you think you want to do, but you never do it or something you are doing over and over again and the results are not there.  You have to ask yourself- are these things really important?  And why?  Why do I not work on them, if they are important?

Good stuff to think about AND take action on- TODAY!  Thanks Melissa!