Right now, this minute- think of 5 things you love about the work you are doing in the world.  Write them out, right now.

If you had a hard time with that, it may be a good time to ask yourself the question-  why?

Are you:

-focused too much on what is not good about your job/career?

-discouraged by lack of progress?

-doing work you truly do not enjoy?

-what else?

There are some ways to work on solving this, here are a few to try:

-write out how your job/career would look if it was perfect.  Now you can strategize a way to get there.

-what do you love to do?  Make a huge list of EVERYTHING you love to do.  There may be some clues there leading you to another career path.

-have you renewed your work goals/plans lately?  Do you have any?  New, fresh goals and plans can renew energy, enthusiasm and a whole new outlook.

-be conscious to continually look for things that are good about your work- focus on finding them whenever you are tempted to think or say something negative.


Were you easily able to list 5 things you love?  That’s great news!  Post this list near your desk as a reminder.

Your challenge?  Figure out how to expand those things on your list so that you are spending more time doing those things that you love about your work.  Make a plan and start implementing little actions one by one.

If you are choosing to spend your days at work (and yes, it is a choice), determining what you can enjoy about it is a worthy pursuit. Your days are too precious to waste and any other way.