A thought today as we move into a great weekend here in Vermont.

As the middle of the year approaches, I am overwhelmed this week hearing my client’s success stories and accomplishments.  What has struck me the most was that most of these reports were of things they had been working on for a good length of time- one for two years!  It showed me again the power of the Compound Effect (a book I recommend by Darren Hardy).  Little actions taken, the right actions, over time add up to big things.  Perseverance shows up here, too- not giving up- just moving steadily in the direction on their goals.

Sometimes we think nothing will every come together, but given the time and patience, given small actions over and over again, they do.

How do you take advantage of this effect and jump on the success bandwagon that so many of my clients are on this week?

Decide what you want.

Make a plan to make it happen.

Break it down into little steps.

Put your plan into times in your schedule.

Visit your written goal and plan at least once a day. (first thing in the morning)

Don’t allow yourself to take actions that put you in the direction going away from your goals.  The moral:  the compound effect works both ways- make bad choices and actions over and over again and I really bad result will eventually show up in your life.  Consistently taking positive and right actions, no matter the size, will eventually show up in your achieving your goals and dreams.