It’s that time again and I am here to give you the rules of the 2022 Gratitude challenge for Thanksgiving week!

The idea is to be immersed in gratitude so much so that you will feel a positive shift in your outlook and possible the start of a new habit with many benefits.

The rules:

On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving week write 25 gratitudes.

On Thanksgiving Day write 100 gratitudes!

I have the same journal I use each year for the challenge.

One catch- you can’t repeat any gratitude, so you will have to dig deep- it’s a challenge!

Extra credit-

Write or think about why you are grateful for each thing you write.


Keep writing 10 gratitudes a day for the rest of the month. Maybe even decide to keep on going.

Share your gratitudes with others to build even more good feelings! Write before bedtime and you may even sleep better than ever!

I am grateful for you- thank you for reading and sharing!