As human beings it can be easy to think about the things that have gone wrong in our past. I was reading something recently that talked about freedom from all of that. It also shared the importance of focusing on retaining our good memories and letting go of the ones that don’t make us feel happy.

This doesn’t seem like a very easy thing to do, but it does strike me as a worthwhile pursuit. Thinking about good memories on purpose is only going to be good for our brains, our spirits, our souls.

We all have had many good things happen to us in the past. For the next week, on purpose, write down as many of them as you can remember. Keep the list handy to add to when you think of something else. Once you start searching your memory for memories you are grateful for, your antenna will be up and you open the door to remember more.

Be patient with yourself. Our default habit is to think of things that aren’t what we would consider good. When this happens, stop and give yourself gratitude for being the kind of person who will try to record your good memories. Give yourself credit.

Remember to look at your list when you are in a mode of thinking about what is wrong, and “bad” memories are your focus. Re-focus on your good memories. 

And also remember- whenever you look for things to be grateful for, you see more to be grateful for.