It seems lately that I am attracting one message- that having meaning and a purpose in your life is the foundation of joy, satisfaction, success, and everything in your life- it can even mean the difference between life or death.  Have something so important to live for that you fight for your life with all your might.  It affects your mindset and spirit to such a degree, and in turn your mind affects your body to such a degree that you can literally get sick without purpose and meaning.

This is big!  We have always known that having a meaning in your life, a pursuit, a passion is important, but when you start to think of it as important to living with health, as well, it takes on an even bigger importance.

I have recently read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl where he describes fellow prisoners dying once they lost connection with anyone to live for.  He could pinpoint why some died and others lived, including himself.  He felt he had a mission to share what was in his heart and head with the world and he wasn’t about to give up on it.  I just finished reading The Four Purposes of Life by Dan Millman- he even quotes from Man’s Search for Meaning.  I suggest reading both of these books.

In thinking about this information the questions become:

Who in my life gives my life meaning?  Love is a central part of this.  Without others to love (people and pets) we become disconnected, as well as when we believe no one loves us.  We need to begin to allow more love in our lives and if something is stopping that, that is the thing to work on getting to the root of.

What gives me meaning in my life, or could if I developed it?  Sometimes these are things we loved long ago and abandoned.  Revive them!  Focus!  Go to work on your passion in a huge way- and if you are already on a path work to become the BEST on that path and become the expert- know everything there is to know.

This is the place to start, by asking yourself these simple questions to get clear on where you are and where you want to go.

Give yourself the gift of taking time to identify this for yourself!  Your mind, your spirit AND your body will thank you for the rest of your life!!