No matter how old I get, the end of August signals back to school time to me!  And I want to go!!  My daughter just switched high schools and when we looked at the class offerings, I honestly wished I could go back to high school now.  The learning opportunities are amazing and at this point in my life I would truly appreciate them.

I decided a few years ago that each Fall I will take myself back to school, too- my own school created by and for me.  Here are some thoughts that can make this a fun process and may inspire you to create your own “Back to School” or personal growth or personal development or personal and professional development plan- the name is also your choice!

1.  What have you always wanted to learn about, but haven’t?  What do you know something about, but would like to know more about?  What would enhance your success in your business if you became expert at it by learning all there is to know?  These questions can guide you to your curriculum.

2.  From your answers above, make a list of “subjects” you would like to study.

3.  Make a list of books, recordings, downloads, websites, etc that would assist you in learning about your subjects.  Look in your own library first! I find many of us life long learners by books and other personal development items in the areas we are interested in, but never make it a priority to read/use them.

4.  Make a list of people you could learn from in each area.  In your plan create time to take them to coffee, lunch, or have a phone conversation.  Have meaningful questions ready.

5.  Create at least one field trip per week to a place where you can expand and experience what you are learning.  Historic places, museums, shops, universities, gyms, you name it- the possibilities are endless.  You can even do a mini internship and go watch someone do their work for a day or a few hours if part of what you are learning may lead to a new career.

6.  Look for classes that you can take locally or online.  Learning along with others is always going to add a new perspective for you.

7.  Before you begin, make a trip to the school supply store for some cool pens, notebooks and whatever else will help to inspire you in your learning.

Have FUN and learn, expand, grow and share it all with the world!