We all have it within us- greatness!  What is it that you are great at?  What do you want to be known for being great at?  These are GREAT questions to contemplate during some quiet time with a blank pad of paper to write on.

I see lot’s of people looking at tv and basically others and thinking that they are different than those people who they see reaching greatness in their chosen field.  I also see plenty of people, many of my clients included that do what it takes to become great.  They didn’t start great, in fact many start at less than great, but they end up there because of stellar planning, sheer commitment and hard work.  It is immersion for some.

Back to the questions above- once you have the answers, you can devise a plan to become great in those areas.  If you are already pretty great, think about expanding that and what it would mean to be even greater.  Here’s a quick plan:

1. Visualize where you are going- get a really great picture in your head and visit it at least once a day.

2. Write out (by hand) a specific description of your visualization.  When you are reaching your greatness what are you doing?  Who are you with?  What do you look like?  Where are you?

3.  Immerse yourself.  Make an extensive list of all of the ways that you could become great at what you want to become great at.  List all of your resources, people, opportunities, and tools that can help you on the path.  What classes could you take, what training is required and from where, audios, videos, books, mentors, coaches- make a complete list of everything and everyone.

4.  Take massive action, in the words of Tony Robbins, each day.  Choose carefully actions that will lead you to greatness each day.  Make excellent choices and learn quickly from the not so excellent.  Always keep moving forward.

5.  Know why you want to be great and keep focused for when times get tough, and they always do at some point, this vision and “why” will keep you anchored in your goal.