The 100 Day Challenge, Day 27:

In Power Coaching we use a deck of values cards in every session that helps me and my clients get grounded and also helps you to see things in a new way.  It also helps you to see strengths that you have and may not have been recognizing.  I love the cards and use them in many ways.  One of the values in the deck is wonder.

I am reminded of wonder as our weekend is unfolding in a totally unexpected way.  We thought we had our plans set and then everything changed.  As we stayed out of panic, and in the wonder of how it will all work out, surprising things have happened.  Friends have connections we didn’t even know about and we found out seemingly by mistake. (though we know it’s not), people show up to help us get where we are going, new plans that weren’t possible before suddenly become possible, and we will have some cool experiences that weren’t originally part of the weekend plan. 

All this from what could have been- oh this is TERRIBLE, our plans are ruined.  It pays to stay in wonder in our lives- things will unfold in the most beautiful way if we just let them.  It is when we act out against it that we mess ourselves up!

This week, instead of trying to control things, stay open to the possibilities and see what happens!