The 100 Day Challenge, Day 28:

How are you feeling about the upcoming week?  Do you feel excited about the possibilities that it brings, or does your stomach feel nauseous at the thought of the weekend coming to an end?

It is kind of a sad way to spend your week anxious for the weekend and just wishing the week would go by faster so that you can get there.  Most of the week is weekdays, so most of the days of the week are getting less than their share of our positive energy and enjoyment.  It is understandable if you only get to see someone special on the weekends, or you have a hobby that you only have time for on the weekends that you would look forward to it.   Is it too much to fathom enjoying the ordinary days of the week, as well?

 I propose a challenge:  To be just as excited about about the week day work week, as the weekend!  Impossible you say?  It’s all a matter of choice and mindset on your part.

If you hate your job, you can lay blame there.  If your schedule is crazy and you dread it, you can blame your schedule.  There are lots of places to point the blame to.  In reality, you are the only one that can control how you think about things.  For instance, if you “hate” your job, could it be that you are not doing other uplifting things in your life to counter act the lack of excitement about your job?   How much time do you spend thinking about the things you do not like about your work, as opposed to the things that you do like and are grateful for?  What are you doing about those things?   I notice so many times with clients that once they focus on what is good,  start another outside of work project, or start reading and learning something they’ve been interested in that their new found enthusiasm carries over into all the other areas of their live, including work.  Maybe you’ve been at your job a long time and it’s become entirely routine.  Have you thought about how you could improve something or change the way you do something to add some challenge.  Just some thoughts.

Decide now how to look at and approach your week differently this week.  What exciting, fun things could you weave in throughout the week to help the week to be as much fun as the weekend?  What could you do this week to make your work reach a new level of enjoyment?  Who can you talk to?  Who can you spend time with?  Spend 15-20 minutes writing down your ideas and visualize these things working.  What is the outcome for you on a week like this?   The week days can really be fulfilling- and you can still be excited for your weekend plans.

A new beginning of a week can be the beginning of an exciting new adventure- if you decide it is!

A man can stand almost anything except a succession of ordinary days.”  Johann von Goethe

That man is happiest who lives from day to day and asks no more, garnering the simple goodness of a life.”     Euripides