The 100 Day Challenge, Day 38:

Reading Science of Mind  magazine this morning there was a short blurb for today about a different slant on mindset.  The author of the article,  Margaret Stortz  says it is one of the most inspired and joyful mindsets of all to carry with us and that is the mindset of wanting to know things and find things out.  She calls them discovery delights!

There are many books and articles written about the benefits of life long learning.  I have heard stories about scientists who love what they do for the pure researching and discovery of things, and that they feel this keeps them young and vibrant.  Staying interested in things and learning builds great positive energy, excitement, enthusiasm and many times leads to spending time with like minded individuals.

How curious have you been about new things lately?  What have you always wanted to learn about?  Or learn how to do, or try?  What do you already love and know something about that you have always wanted to focus on to expand your knowledge.  What inventions have you had floating around in your mind that given some research and time studying and thinking on your part could really amount to something?

When will be a good time to start on some of these things?  Just start…….