The 100 Day Challenge, Day 38:

How we spend our days, determines the outcome of our weeks, months and years.  Are you clear about your most important values?  Keep track of where you are spending most of your time each day for a week or two- then match up your actions to your business and life goals.  How well are the two matching up?

If you are like most people, there is quite a difference between what your goals are and what is actually happening.  This is when you know it is time to re-center on your values.

In Power Coaching With Mind Kinetics tm working with values is a part of every session.  This helps clients to think about things in a different way and to see strengths that they were ignoring in themselves. 

What are your highest values?  What do they mean to you and what do you gain when you stay in alignment with them?  What is missing when you don’t?

When you are transforming toward living your life to it’s highest potential, it is essential to get clear on your values and to design your days to reflect them.  Only then will you see the ultimate results that are possible for you!