Do you live your life on purpose? Do you believe things happen for you or to you?

Cultivating a spirit of ability to create your life and co-create with the things that happen that you don’t expect can go a long way toward your happiness in life.

Start cultivating this spirit in these ways:

Ask yourself as you begin each day, what is my purpose today? This will help you to start the day with clarity and intention. No matter what the day brings, you will have this answer to lean on.

When making decisions, ask yourself- how can I fulfill my purpose? Asking this question will help you to make decisions that are more in alignment with your values, and will enjoy them more.

Set goals each year, month and week that are infused with your purpose. Doing this will build momentum and soon living within your purpose will become automatic.

Whatever you decide to fill in your schedule this week, practice mindfulness. Ask yourself for each thing you decide to do, why am I doing this? What is important about this? What if I don’t do it? What if I do? Doing this will only take a few seconds, but will reveal whether you are living your life by default- things happen to you- or on purpose- things are happening for you.

Being on purpose. It takes intention. It takes a moment of pause to discern. It is for the greater good of your life and the impact you will have in/on the world. It’s pretty important. The return on your time is extremely high!

What of the above list are you willing to start working with in your life this week?