When you are thinking about your life purpose you are zooming out- I call this your global purpose– the one that guides you whatever stage of life you are in. There are certain things you will always be engaged in throughout your life, actions that keep you aligned with your global purpose.

If you take the time to think over your past life, you will start to identify seasons of your life– the season of parenting, each level of school was a season, a season in a certain relationship or a job. It could be a season fighting an illness. You will have many seasonal purposes over the course of your life and they will vary in length.

Just for fun, make a list of all of the seasons you have been through so far.

While for some, truly identifying their global purpose can be daunting. starting where you are with identifying your purpose in this season you are in RIGHT NOW, can be a more accessible place to begin.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to start to determine your purpose right now, in this season: I suggest getting out a journal and notebook or pen to explore in writing!)

What are you the most devoted to at this time in your life?

What takes most of your time right now?

What results do you intend to reach with each of the things you are spending your time on?

What are your biggest struggles right now?

What are your greatest joys?

What could this season lead to in your next season?

What lessons could you learning right now?

What are you, or could you be teaching others right now? (Through actual teaching or by being who you are living your life.

Start with these. See what you write down. Discern what your current purpose is and either decide to make peace with it and make plans to make it the best it can be OR decide to shift it. We need to really look at what can be controlled and what can not be controlled and determine to spend time accepting what is out of our control. Give yourself grace and give it all your best. Focus more on what you can control- tip the scales in that direction- and you will feel empowered and purposeful.

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