Day 5, 100 Day Challenge:

The world has us all in a pretty serious mode right now- and with good reason.  It is very easy to forget about lightheartedness and just plain being silly.  How can we waste time being silly, when that might feel so frivolous and time wasting?  How can we not?

Being silly, at least once a day, okay, at least even once a week might just be what saves us.  There is lots of proof that having fun, laughing hard and just enjoying yourself can achieve a lot of things- so no need to feel like you are wasting time!  Being silly can transform your day by relieving stress, allowing you to relax.  Having a huge laugh can put you into a place where you can come up with the solution you’ve been looking for all day because you are now coming at it from a different mindset. 

Being silly is easy when you have small children if you will allow yourself to get down to their level.  Find some kids to play with- they are the masters of silly!  Other ways of getting into that silly mindset are reading jokes/humor, watching comedy, and playing games with others- especially the ones you used to play when you were a kid.  Pets can also help you to get into the silly mode.

My family (my Dad, my Mom, my brother and sister and me) were pretty good at the silly thing when I was growing up and we never stopped.  My Dad, who we lost last year, was the King of Silly- and it served him well, keeping his crazy sense of humor all the way to the end and easing his suffering as much as possible.  He knew how to use silliness to enhance his life, and he enhanced ours with it, as well.  My family is all coming from out of town tomorrow for Rowan’s 12th birthday celebration and so I say “silliness is coming to town!”   I can’t wait until tomorrow for the good laughs and fun that are coming our way.  (They are also all extremely good bowlers, but I’ll save that for another blog!)  I dedicate this blog to the memory of my Dad, John J. Blais, and all of the wonderful silly memories I have of him.

Stop being so serious!  What are you going to do to bring some silly to your life this weekend?