The 100 Day Challenge, Day 36:

It really takes a lot of belief in yourself and things outside you to live peacefully in today’s world.  This is many times referred to as blind faith.  You hear a lot about it in church.  People in extreme sports or who take unusual risks also talk a lot about blind faith.

Sometimes we just have to believe in the unseen-  it can help you to get out of stuck and moving forward.  We can’t always have all of the answers, or always have the luxury of time to wait for all of the answers.

One thought that I’ve always liked is that it the faith is not really blind if someone else has done what you are wanting to do successfully.  If you have the map, you can be guided and trust that you will arrive at your destination.  So, the best thing is to be prepared, find out who else has done what you want to do and how they did it.  If you are doing something totally new to the world, then read about others who have created new things and learn how they did it.  Then it is not really blind faith because you know what to do- all you need is faith- and mostly in your self.

And yes, sometimes, we still need blind faith.  Positive expectation and belief can get you far when you have no real proof to cling to.  Really, what is the alternative, any way?