The 100 Day Challenge, Day 35:

          “Beauty’s where you find it.”  Madonna- Vogue

This week I am proposing you go on a beauty scavenger hunt of sorts.  Looking for and noticing the beautiful things in your life.

First- at least once this week visit a place nearby that you find beautiful and uplifting.  Write down where you go and how you feel being there. 

Second- notice and focus on at least one thing you find beautiful about your home and at least one thing you find beautiful about each of the other people that lives there with you.  Write them all down. (let me them know what it is, if you like)

Third- find at least one thing that is beautiful about your place of work and the work that you do.  Write them down.

Fourth- do one beautiful thing for someone you don’t know.

Fifth- do one beautiful thing for someone you love- or for over- achievers- for each person you love.  Know that sometimes just showing appreciation is the greatest thing you can do.

Sixth- notice at least one thing that is beautiful about you and what you offer the world- and YES, this is for the guys, too!  Definitely- write it down!

Seventh- read something that you find beautiful- extra credit- share it with someone else.

Eighth- listen to music you find beautiful at least once this week.  extra extra credit- every day!

How do you win the scavenger hunt?  When the week is finished and you have done these things, you will have created a beautiful week- can there be a better prize?  Amazing and wonderful and unexpected things happen during a beautiful week.  Focus on the beauty surrounding you! 

 Have a beautiful week!