The 100 Day Challenge, Day 73:

This week has been networking central for me! I have been at several events/conferences and it is only Wednesday. You can tell who the people are that are good at the networking game- they are the ones you see over and over again at each event. They are also the ones out there looking to learn more by being in connection with others.

One of my beliefs is that we are all here on Earth to connect with one another. Some of you might think- well, duh! While others might take a different view. Why would there be so many of us if we were meant to be isolated and alone?

So, if you buy into my belief, or even if you don’t, think about these things:

What have you gained in the past by working or joining in with others- both in your work and your life as a whole?

What areas of your life have been missing connection with others? How could you re-connect in those areas?

What events, conferences, or groups have you been ignoring that could really enhance what you are working on accomplishing?

With all of the networking and connecting I have been doing this year, I have really been able to establish some great new relationships, renew some old and cherished relationships, and I have begun to collaborate with others in businesses where we all benefit. Working with others brings fresh energy and higher level ideas.

Who is in your network that you want to re-connect with? Call or email or send a Facebook message- now! Don’t wait until tomorrow. Make a plan to get with them as soon as within the next week!