The 100 Day Challenge, Day 74:

I had a great conversation with a client today, and it also came up with a colleague yesterday. The topic seems to be coming up a lot. It’s about showing up.

When you show up, something can happen- it’s the foundation to everything. Don’t show up, nothing happens, show up- anything is possible.

Showing up is certainly physical- like going to something, just being there is showing up. If you are not there, you miss “it”. Showing up physically also encompasses how you look- are you showing up looking the “part”?

Showing up is also mental. You can be there physically, and if you don’t show up mentally in the right mindset, you will also miss “it”. What are you thinking about? What are your expectations? Have you done your homework? Are you prepared? How’s your attitude?

You can show up mentally and physically and add the layer of showing up with an intentional spirit and put the whole package together. This is where you are really shining! This is where you get it, and things happen- GREAT things!