The 100 Day Challenge, Day 75:

Today I hit the 3/4 of the way mark in my 100 day challenge to post on my blog everyday- day 75! Talk about being loyal to something! Dedication also comes to mind, as well as many other things. It is very exciting to hear from the other challenge participants how they are doing and the feeling of our combined energy getting there together is amazing!

So today I shuffled up my values cards and chose randomly- what value should I write about in my blog today? Out popped loyalty.

Loyalty: A feeling of faithfulness or allegiance.

We get loyal to lots of things- family and friends, teams we love to support (go Phillies!), traditions, our hairstylist (even our hairstyle!), products we buy, and every other type of service we use.

How often do you stop to think about the things you are loyal to? Why are you loyal to them, or does it still make sense to remain loyal?

Where are you loyal and maybe haven’t been showing your loyalty as strongly as you could be?

Let’s take this one step further because it is really easy to see all of the things outside of ourselves that we are loyal to.

Ask yourself these questions:

How loyal are you to your own ideas and values? To your hopes and dreams? Do you let others sway you away from what is important to you? How easy is it to be talked into or out of something even when you feel it is important or even when you will be out of integrity?

Take a little assessment this weekend- figure out where your loyalties are and where they still make sense. Figure out how to politely remove the ones that don’t. Then look at where you can be more loyal to yourself and make a plan to start doing it right away.